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Made this little mobile app for Unity Developers...

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by vagelis199, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. vagelis199


    Jul 27, 2012
    Hello guys! I been struggling long time now to understand how an xinput controller registers its buttons on a Unity android game, because the input key codes are not same on an android build with a window build, making the buttons scrambled and usualy not working correctly. And theres no any guide online, i made this simple app which gonna help you easly asign your key codes for your mobile game.

    All you have to do is download the free app from Google Play (its ad free as well), and connect your bluetooth controller or even an OTG cable, theres a visual representation of an xbox controller and it gonna log any button your press or axis u move on your controller which you can input on your code or input manager right away.

    Unity Android Controller Logger
    App Link

    Don't wanna download the app?

    Heres every button key code for xinput gamepad on Android.

    A = Joystick 1 button 0
    B = Joystick 1 button 1
    X = Joystick 1 button 2
    Y = Joystick 1 button 3

    LB = Joystick 1 button 4
    RB = Joystick 1 button 5
    LT = Joystick 1 button 6
    RT = Joystick 1 button 7
    L3 = Joystick 1 button 8
    R3 = Joystick 1 button 9

    START = Joystick 1 button 10
    BACK = Joystick 1 button 11

    Left Analog Stick X = Axis 1
    Left Analog Stick Y = Axis 2 (inverted)

    Right Analog Stick X = Axis 3
    Right Analog Stick Y = Axis 4 (inverted)

    Dpad X = Axis 5
    Dpad Y = Axis 6 (inverted)

    I hope this help alot of people.