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Resolved LWRP lit particle Effect

Discussion in 'Visual Effect Graph' started by stefan3398, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. stefan3398


    Aug 25, 2019
    I've been following this tutorial for a smoke particle effect:

    I understand, that this is only going to work the way it does here by using HDRP.

    But I wonder, if it is possible to achieve a similar effect here. The way he does it is by positioning a point-light beneath the particle effect. And the effect itself is translucent.
    Is there another way to make it translucent in LWRP?

    I've already looked trough this thread, but it was not really helpfull to me.

    One more question, how do I make the particles from the smoke not just follow the source, but also bend when the ship makes a turn?

    maybe also, how can I make the smoke more cone shaped, bigger size of the particles at the end of their life?
  2. VladVNeykov


    Unity Technologies

    Sep 16, 2016
    Hi @stefan3398 ,

    Before going into your questions, just a friendly reminder that it's more helpful to split question into multiple posts with a descriptive title so if you get an answer it can be beneficial for others who may have the same questions.

    We are adding lit URP support for VFX in 2021.2 .

    You can fake this to a degree with math. In the source you posted, it looks like you are trying to get a point light effect, so you can probably do something similar using a distance check, like this:

    This will work on a per-particle basis. If you want to do this per-pixel (so a single particle can also go from light to dark) you can look into using ShaderGraph to accomplish this.

    Your system is probably in local space. You need world space particles for them to remain where they have spawned if their source has moved. Check out this thread for more info on working with space within the graph.

    In VFX 10.2.0 we introduced some changes which will allow you to inherit the direction of the shape blocks. So you could use a cone shape and then set the velocity from the direction to make particles emit in the shape of the cone:

    If you just want to make particles bigger at the end of their lifetime, just use a Size over Life block. You can control the curve to determine what the size should be at the start or end of the particle's lifetime.

    Hope this helps, good luck with your project!

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  3. stefan3398


    Aug 25, 2019
    wow, thank you for the comprehensive answer, this helps me a lot :)