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LWRP GPU requirements for mobile?

Discussion in 'Universal Render Pipeline' started by tomekswk, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. tomekswk


    Jun 11, 2015
    What are the actual requirements for an Android device to use LWRP with Vulkan API? I ran the LWRP template project, using Unity 2019.2, on an Android device changing only the pipeline asset from HighQuality to LowQuality and disabling "Cast Shadows". I also added Graphy from the Asset Store to measure FPS. The result was this:

    I also tried disabling Vulkan API and enabled OpenGLES3. The result was this:

    Should the performance really be this bad with LWRP on Android? Or is my device just bad? I'm using a Nokia 6.1 with Adreno 508:
  2. aleksandrk


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 3, 2017
    Adreno 508 is not the most performant GPU out there, and the LWRP template uses physically based shaders (Lit) and post processing effects by default, as far as I remember.
    Try turning post effects off, this is likely going to buy you much more than turning the shadows off.
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