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Games Lost In chaos , Prototype Testing

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by theplayer1124, Jan 11, 2022.


is it fun to play

  1. it was a lot of fun

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  2. it was not that impressive

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  3. needs improvement

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  4. Nice but some changes can make it better , comment down that changes and leave your review

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  1. theplayer1124


    Jun 21, 2021
    Hi , this is thePlayer . me and my team are working on a 2d topdown shooter game and we have created a prototype of the same . i would really appreciate any review as it means a lot to us and provide us with excitement to work on the project
    it is just a prototype so we are focusing on gameplay , whether is it fun to play or not

    keynotes - the menus doesn’t work , else than the pause menu and the restart function also doesn’t work , again it is just a prototype so it may contains some bugs if you find a bug that is not listed above , pls report it in comments

    try to answer these questions in review
    1 what could be improved
    2 how is the player experience
    3 is it fun to play

    controls -
    W A S D to move
    mouse to aim , left click to shoot
    esc to trigger pause menu
    at starting when player is undetected press ‘C’ to reveal enemy locations

    Till now we have a windows 64 bit build , we will add further on your request
    build - link for build
    again we would appreciate for your review , it means a lot to us
    thanks for helping us out !