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Lost because of overwhelming tutorials? help pls

Discussion in 'Windows' started by kickbuttowski, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. kickbuttowski


    Sep 14, 2013
    As my title suggest. There's just too many tutorials out there. For example this, that guy gives many resource on unity tutorials but most of them are in 2009 and i believe its unity2.x on that year. I am starting to learn unity and i saw some tutorials on lynda and digital tutors that use 3.5 and 4 version. Im not a rich person so i can only subscribe to one of those two. But before i do i wanted to make sure if my time is worth spending in those tutorial. You see I'm working so my time is limited and gold. I always wanted to learn game development though and i think unity is the best place to start. So can anyone give some advice for me? Ive been searching on the net for unity tutorials and there's so many of them i dont have a time to check them 1 by 1. I need some opinion. When you are a beginner what is the tutorial that your first look? Obviously that would be unity wiki. But aside from that? any external video tutorials? or book? I want atleast the 3.5 version of unity and uses c# as scripting not JS as I am much more familiar with c#. I just want a tutorial that is worth the time spending and gain a ground on learning unity. Im just lost right now. Thanks
  2. Steve-Tack


    Mar 12, 2013
    I started with Unity 3.5 Essential Training at and I found it to be a very helpful way to get started. It doesn't assume any existing knowledge and there's quite a bit to it (11 hours of training!). The lessons are bite-sized and it covers a broad spectrum of topics, none of them too deep. I liked the "follow along" style. All of the code is in JavaScript (UnityScript really), but it doesn't get too deep into coding. Converting to C# or just going with it wouldn't be that tough. The woman's voice gets a tiny bit grating after a while, but the content more than makes up for it.

    A lot of things "clicked" as I went through it, so yeah, totally worth it.