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Looking For Contributor Looking for Unity3D games devs to integrate with a powerfull blockchain as PoC

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by addrianr, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. addrianr


    Feb 17, 2021
    Hi guys!

    I'm a community member of one blockchain ecosystem project called I/O Digital - I/O Coin (not sure if I can share here the name, if I can't please don't delete the thread, I will remove the name). We are currently looking for Unity developers that could create Unity3D staff and integrate it with the blockchain itself. I'm pretty sure most of you here already know how a blockchain works :p

    Our community members have already created an Unity3D Integration Package so its actually ready to be used with any development. That should make the work easier :)
    (As an example some of the members are already working in a first game with planets where you can buy your planet, buy some mining stations on your planet, then you can mine within the game and earn XP. With those XP you can buy resources like minerals, oxygen, building etc and transform your planet. Then you can exchange them for XP or the blockchain coin, sell or buy resources from others users, attack others users planets etc. There will be also a "interplanetary" chat.)

    All those transactions will happen within the blockchain so people want to prove the usecases with these kind of PoC.

    We are currently looking for contributors that would like to participate among with our community and create nice gaming stuff with Unity or cooperate with current developments and integrate the game within the blockchain itself.

    So that you know what kind of features can go through the blockchain and can be used in a game:

    - there is encrypted AES256 messaging available that could be used for a game chat
    - there is file storage & transfer (up to 1mb) with AES256 encryption
    - ownership transfer feature (of any type of item within the game) could be used withing the chain
    - payment system
    - there is Alias system (so game's users won't have to use an endless blockchain address for their username but a simple Alias that is directly attached to that specific address)
    - payment system
    - etc...

    I will share here a link to the Unity3D Package and information so you can consider it:

    If you would like to join and cooperate with the community with Unity stuff please comment this post so we can connect.

    Thank you all for reading! :D