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Looking For Contributor Looking for Unity2D devs and pixel-art artists [BULLET HELL/FANTASY GAME]

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by vhavunka, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. vhavunka


    Feb 3, 2023
    The project's idea includes making top-down pixel-art bullet hell.
    Our site:
    Feel free to explore the project)
    Our talent: Good cooperativity and working in a team

    Your responsibilities:
    • Working in Unity2D
    • Working with git version control
    Artist (2d top-down pixel-art)
    • be creative
    • have examples of work (not really important, but it'll be great)
    Revenue: not paid, it's only for passion
    Project: The idea of the game is to make some fantasy top-down Bullet hell, with a unique gameplay mechanic by having to draw certain patterns to cast spells/attacks. The main attack activates on LMB, but this attack must be selected of a certain pattern, drawn before.

    • Genre: Bullet hell + Fantasy/Magic
    • Theme: Medieval
    • Where: Events take place in Greece
    • When: Game's events take place somewhere between 1000 BC and the Reformation
    • Length of project: depends on the team
    • Status: Open
    Contact: Discord - @hea7en__