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Looking For Contributor Looking for someone to make a 2d (or 2.5d) Cyberpunk Universe, Roleplaying Game.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Penguiniano, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. Penguiniano


    Nov 11, 2023
    Hey Guys!
    I've been learning Unity for a while now (just a few months) and I feel like I'm starting to understand the basics for 2d and 2.5d, write codes alone for simple projects without look the resources. I think that if there is someone with whom I can do projects together during this process, we can create better works in a more disciplined way and most importantly, we can learn more together. The first project in my mind is making a single-player Cyberpunk universe and developing a game that offers different action (melee and ranged combat) while also providing the player with a rich storyline and the freedom to make their own choices in some places. I m not looking for someone experienced or any spesific skill (but 2d artist would be amazing) If anyone is interested, my Discord link is:
    I'm open to discussions