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Looking For Contributor Looking for people to help creating a game about war in Ukraine(more looking for 3d modeler!)

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Commander_RT, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. Commander_RT


    Nov 24, 2021
    Hello im making a game about drone that fight back Ukraine from demonic russians.
    • The idea of game: is defend Ukraine using a drone with a much of features from incoming waves of russian demon forces in sci-fi/demon style
    • The genre is: action with a bit of lore for some characters
    • In our plans: is to publish this game in 2024 in play market first then in app store!
    • What we need from you: is time to work and your skill!
    We need more members to help us with project to make game perfect!

    Right now in our team we have 6 members

    • Me (programmer/head developer/shader and vfx creator and much more)
    • Human artist (drawing concepts for characters)
    • Vehicle artist and Composer all in one (drawing concepts for vehicles and compose music)
    • Universal artist (colorising other concepts and very good at drawing bunch of things)
    • Lore and Creatures artist (making lore for game and drawing creatures concepts)
    • Vfx creator(but as ussual he is not very active)
    Right now we r looking for
    • - 3d artists
    • - composers
    • - singers
    • - artists
    • - vfx creators
    • - level designers
    • - UI designers
    • - shader creators
    • - c# programers
    • - level designers
    • - voice actors
    • - animators
    Why you should join our team?
    1. Our team is friendly and understandable all time
    2. We already made 2 games
    3. You dont need to worry about results because owner will always understand you and say your issues very delicant and would wait if it needs!
    4. And much more good things about it
    5. We dont hate any nationality
    6. Would make everything to make members happy!
    7. We would help you with all your troubles at tasks!
    8. And much more positive things!
    If you are interested on it and can do one or more things from list above, please do not hesitate to write me on email, here or on Discord!
    My Email:
    My Discord tag: Raigil#7420
    All members of team will recive percents from sales on game release(depends on how good you made your job!)
    Last edited: May 22, 2023
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