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Looking For Contributor Looking for people interested in creating a game and starting a company.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by godnaru, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. godnaru


    Dec 4, 2020
    Introduction & Summary
    Hello, nice to meet you!

    My name is Naru and I'm currently trying to create my very first game for a future company I want to start.

    Project Type/Genre & Platform
    If you guys are familiar with games games like Elsword/Grand Chase, these games have the same genre as our game. It's a Hack-and-Slash Sidescroller, 2.5D with co-op and a few mmo aspects with in-game graphics inspired by Genshin Impact and Artistic level compared to Grand Chase Mobile (so the game is going to have a bunch of RPG, anime and fantasy aspects, from elves, to furries, to even mermaids).

    It's going to be a PC Game made in Unity.

    The Idea
    Some of these things were already explained in the are written above and the one that's going to follow this area, but what I believe that's important to say is that the two biggest inspirations for this game are Grand Chase (PC) for the play style, Black Desert Online because of the marketing, status and Skill Tree system and Genshin Impact for the graphics. The commands are going to remind us from the commands that existed in Grand Chase (PC), but they'll be more dynamic like Black Desert Online, but without making it too hard to learn and use, but hard to master (Like other competitive games with all the animation cancel, etc).


    We're a team of:
    • One person taking care of 3D Models and some animations (Even thought we really want to use a bunch of animations from Unity)
    • One taking care of the lore (One of them actually works as an Editor, as an Writer and has a degree in Psychology) - Also, we're two if you want to count me in.
    • Three people taking care of writing down the systems we want to have in the game according to what I ask them to do (Four, if you want to count me in)
    • About codings, because I have a friend who works in a company from free lancers, I normally pay/ask them to code the things I need (but certainly I will end up needing my own developers)
    • Also me working as creative director and also a bit as the game director (I'm not able to work completely as a game director, according to my judgement, because I lack knowledge about coding). I take care of buying all the assets needed to create the game, also pay everything that's going to be needed for the game.

    We're missing some things in the company right now, like VFX artists, our own developer, I'd also like to have more 3D Modellers and Animators, for now we don't have an Illustrator, but I like to work close to the ones who take care of creating the 3D models, so I can guide them towards what I want and also make a PDF document of all inspirations and background needed to the character's design (I can also draw, but I don't trust my skills enough, so because we're starting, I normally look up for concept artists when needed or just describe as good as I can what I want).

    We have plans of paying people for their job according to the amount of money we'll get once we can open a Patreon or a Kickstarter and their job. We are serious about becoming a real successful company. We're just not getting any money at the moment, so we're using this moment to learn, gather experience and be creative.
    What we already accomplished:
    • We have already written how most of our important systems are going to be (like status, experience, dungeon, game progression, economy)
    • We already have written the background history for every place there's going to exist in the game also the universe background.
    • Written the script for the eight first dungeons and something about what comes next.
    • We're going to start with three characters, so we already have the skills for the mage character written, have drawings and 3D tests from her design, we have her history and everything needed for her character design (even things like personality, clothing style). We're creating it right now for the warrior character, but she already has a bunch of animations, a functional 3D model and concept complete, but we're still creating her character document like the mage has. The archer character doesn't have much, only a document with his inspirations and background story.

    What We Are Looking For
    I already said what we will/are needing, but to be more specific, what I believe we're really looking for are 3D artists who have experience modelling things similar to Genshin Impact and VFX artists experienced with . But I do believe that as a start-up, any help is welcome, so if you believe you can add to the team in a positive way, you can still contact me, I would be glad to talk to you.

    Discord: Naru#9076

    If you have any question, please contact me.

    Extra information: We're an international team, so we have even people who live in germany, in brazil, etc, in the team, so everyone is welcome.
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