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Looking For Contributor Looking for an Artist for our 2D top down pixel art game with steampunk elements

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by InnovationOne, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. InnovationOne


    Apr 12, 2022
    Hey, me and my GF are currently developing a 2D top down pixel art game with steampunk elements in the victorian era (1800 - 1900).

    I am currently studying business and computer science. I'm currently programming the game, as might be expected, in unity.
    We both used to play games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and most recently Stardew Valley.
    We want to combine such classic farming sims with a strong story, with the satisfying sense of automation of games like Factorio. We also like the style of anno 1800 and the mechanical complexity of steampunk in games like frostpunk.
    Since I was already interested in game development, we started developing our own game.

    However, we are missing an artist for the game.
    We currently order our assets from Fiverr, but it would be quicker and better if we could find someone to work with directly who shares our vision.

    In the game, the player is stranded on a deserted island after a boat accident.
    On the island, the player discovers an abandoned and ruined city that must have once prospered.
    He discovers an old farmland and he has to build a home there and grow plants.
    The player can then repair all the buildings in the city and thus learns more and more about the story of the old inventor, who used the steam power for his various inventions with the help of the volcano on the island, until the terrible accident.
    Over time, NPCs will also move into the repaired buildings, causing the city to flourish again over time.

    If you think you fit in with us, you are welcome to write to me. We would prefer German, although we both speak English fluently.
    Write me preferred via Discord: Innovation#1975