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Looking for advice how to best mod parts of a living project.

Discussion in 'FPS.Sample Game' started by DNArt, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. DNArt


    Jan 16, 2014
    First Wow what a great idea to give us such an inspiring example to play with and build from.
    Thanks for giving it to us and congratulations with the Pro look and feeling.
    I couldn't have wished for much more.

    Specially the idea the project will be kept alive (not brake with Unity updates hopefully for many years to come) and enhanced with more upcoming features makes me very enthusiastic.
    So I plan to use it as the base for future projects.
    But the living project part also does raise some questions as well.

    How often (at what time inter-falls) could we expect updates and changes?
    Will new features be introduced as a new level or integrated within the already existing code?

    And probably related to the answers of those questions
    Could you advice a best practice approach for me to add changes and self created context so those migrate easy with updates the FPS team comes with? .

    For the project i plan on doing i first need to create some static clients that are used to show my OLD (1988-2004) interactive art in the foreground of the playable game.
    Spectators could engage with those or participate in the game.
    I did see a spectator command in the client so hopefully I can even stick with the standard client and just add scripts specific to this mode for the interactive part and add some game objects.

    Enjoy the day and greetings
    Bill Spinhoven

    P.S. cant wait to see the alien birds as mentioned and please invite the Kinematica and CineCast teams over for a drink and hackathon.
  2. Mogens_H


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 7, 2017
    Sorry for the late reply. Need to get better at checking this forum.

    We will modify to use new Unity API, modify to support new feature, and most importently, modify to improve our implementations and solutions - so expect many big and breaking changes ;) Expect this to happen on a monthly(ish) basis.

    The codebase is in no way mature enough regard as a "game starter project" and we still have a lot of features we want to implement to prove/modify the core technology. But as we go forward we hope to reach a point where we have a fairly stable core and various modules on top of that. This should make it easier to manage changes.

    I am not sure how well Git will cope with our changes (we use Perforce internally and push complete repository when we release) but we will try to be verbose in our changelogs. But expect some manual merge work with new versions.

    The current spectator implementation is pretty hacky (not event sure if it works atm). But we will work more on it in the not so distant future.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  3. DNArt


    Jan 16, 2014
    Hello apologizes excepted no problem really and better late then never, so thanks for the reply this gives a clear enough view on what could be expected and in roughly which time frame.
    A spectator mode would be great for many things so i started already to hope the FPS team would think so to.
    I will focus on developing other parts first and try to have those ready when the FPS team gets the spectator mode stable. Really nice this project will develop for a while it must be an adventure for the team as well for sure. I'm already looking forward to the next couple of mayor updates ;) . thanks for the work and thanks for sharing with us.