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Looking For Contributor Looking for a Team for a 2.5D Monster Raising Game

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by aalebester, May 27, 2021.

  1. aalebester


    May 27, 2021
    Hello everyone my name is Delphonse and I have been on the lookout for a team who can assist me in making a fun 2.5D game based on a few games.

    Azure Dreams


    Dragon Quest Monsters

    Eden Eternal

    These games have inspired me to make a fun monster raising and fighting game but I lack the ability at the moment to do coding, art, or music. for the game. I am a semi-Professional Writer and can set up the world and story and I also am working on a Designers Document that entails what mechanics I would like as well as How I imagine the world to look and feel. I have the over-arching plot with the smaller details being fleshed out.

    Going into more of the details of the game I imagine it to have the moving mechanics and view of Wakfu where the camera is set on the player and you click on the tiles to move them around. I also would like the game to have the 2.5D sprite look similar to Wakfu.

    Azure Dreams wise I would like the game to mainly focus around the Monster Egg finding mechanic in the towers where you can hatch them and raise them to fight alongside you. I also like the randomized Towers in Azure Dreams and in this game would like the Tower mechanic to be one of the main focuses alongside the monster raising and training feature.

    I would like the fusion mechanic of Dragon Quest Monsters where monsters can be fused together to produce potentially new creatures or just stronger versions of the previous creature.

    I would also like to add in a mechanic that allows the player to switch between classes at will similar to Eden Eternal in most locations aside from in towers and in combat.

    There are a few more minor mechanics I would like to introduce in the game as well but I would like the assistance of a coder of two who can help me plan and see what can and cannot work on this engine and what might need to be worked on.

    I am currently looking for

    A Game Developer- the main Coders who will actually be able to take the ideas and flesh them out into code.

    Graphics Designer- Someone who can draw in a cute manner most of the time but also delve into more creepy or aggressive-looking monsters, maps, or other designs needed.

    Sound Designer- Somone who can compose the music and give the game a feeling of fun and adventure.

    Testers- People who are interested in this kind of game and want to help give sound advice and feedback during the developmental phases.

    I would like to make this a fun Multiplayer game to release perhaps on steam but I am also willing to work this into a single-player experience if I absolutely have to.

    I am probably missing some stuff in this request but I am working hard to make this request as accurate as I can. If you have any questions please hit me up either here or preferably on Discord Delphonse#2820