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Looking For Contributor Looking For 2D Artist

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by hasan_sad, May 13, 2023.

  1. hasan_sad


    Oct 30, 2017
    Currently I am working on my Text Adventure Dialogue Heavy Based Game With Turn Based Combat.

    The gameplay is really simple, just dialogue and buttons to branch where the dialogue is going. my game is inspired by an Android Game Called "Dust - A Post Apocalyptic RPG" which is a fairly simple text adventure game but its hella addicting. atleast for the first playthrough. Because there's just not much you can do in there.

    And so i want to copy the gameplay, and add my own twist on there. if you ever play Stalker Anomaly before, basically i want to make a game with Dust Gameplay and using Stalker Anomaly System. so based on that heres a rundown of what system i would make:

    - Dynamic Factions
    Basically every Faction have one or more area that they control. and so they will try to fight and conquer another area. but this is a text adventure how do they fight? well, everytime you sleep, the world is going to change.

    - Procedural Quest
    There are several quest in Stalker Like Hunt creatures, Resque hostage, Kill Bounty NPC, etc.

    - Artefact
    Stalker have this Artefact system, but i think its not really usable, at least for me cause some of the artefact are useless and some are not really good stat booster. And so i wanna make this artefact to have some sort of any stat booster. this is a turn based combat after all.

    Right now i am making the dialogue, because thats going to be the heart of this game, and since i can't draw, and if you are free and really up to teaming up with me, i would really appreciated it if you want to join me.
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