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Looking For Contributor Long Term project - 2d character sprites artist needed

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by SpicyDinosaur, Feb 10, 2022.

  1. SpicyDinosaur


    Oct 25, 2019
    Hi, Everyone!

    I am reaching out to look for people to help me with a top down RPG game I am developing through Unity. I estimate the game will take about 3 years for me to complete.

    This is volunteer and a labor of love, hence not posting it in commissions. Hopefully I got the right area.

    I have actually been learning coding for about two years and this is part of it, but my knowledge is good enough that with the help of my teacher, Regentine, I am making some good progress! (Though most of the visible progress is in the scripting.) Regentine is co-lead on the project and we both have a lot of optimism about it!

    The game will be a fantasy/Victorian RPG, but the underlying theme is anxiety as a mental illness. I am using my own experiences, plus input on implementation, etc., as well as how I've seen it affect family members, to implement it as the primary message and storyline. This isn't about the hero curing anxiety either, it is about coping.

    Almost all graphics are placeholders at the moment, I have an artist to do background furniture and such that has been doing good work, though it might be good to get another to work with him as scenery probably needs about two. Right now I am looking for one to two pixel artists for PC/NPCs/Mobs. We have a few writers and programmers and an artist for portraits and boss design, as well as an amazing sound person, so the team is partially assembled.

    If you want to just help out or work in any of these roles I can invite you to the server I've made for this. Just DM me with what you can do to help and I can throw you an invite. You don't have to have prior experience. Even just input and interest in the game is enough at the moment.

    One thing I am struggling with right now is the design aspect. I am not very good at seeing the big picture, so putting all the graphical assets together to make pretty scenes is difficult for me, and working with someone who has a better eye for that would be great!

    Thanks and hopefully this is the right place and it is okay to post this!