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Locomotion package and Humanoid (Avatar) animation clips

Discussion in 'Animation' started by akent99, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. akent99


    Jan 14, 2018
    I am trying to create an animated video using Unity from characters created in VRoid Studio. I can get animation clips from say, but the bone structure is different to what VRoid Studio creates. So I use Unity to convert to "Humanoid" and then they can then play successfully on the VRoid Studio characters.

    However, the "Locomotion" package (from Runevision, for Unity looks useful as it does clever things with feet etc to walk over uneven surfaces, the character to face a different direction that walking and still work, etc. I thought that could be useful for more realism (eg climbing stairs etc), but it appears to want to find the Transform of joints to directly adjust them. When I use the "Humanoid" adjustment to the animation clip, it adjusts it to use Animator.Left Foot etc (the "muscles" rather than "bones" approach), which I assume is why the clip works on any Avatar based humanoid character. So the Locomotion package cannot understand the animation clips.

    Before I give up on the Locomotion package:
    • Has anyone got the Locomotion package working with Avatar Humanoid muscles instead of bone transformations?
    • Is there another modern package - one that does more realistic foot placements for uneven surfaces?
    I am using a Cinemachine Track and Dolly and having the character follow the cart so I can have multiple characters with different walk styles and speeds automatically stay perfectly side by side when walking. Otherwise I will go back to the default of playing animation clips and manually tweaking the speed to keep them in sync.