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Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by FlamingGenius, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. FlamingGenius


    Dec 30, 2015
    This is a game inspired by it out on google play they did a nice job on it) and command and conquer(do i even need to brag about it?)

    So what is Little Warz?
    Little Warz is planned to be a combination of the 2 games mentioned above. Small enough to run multiple players across different devices( while capable of emulating that wonderful gameplay we all know and love from c&c

    Whats done so far?
    Sadly I only started on this game earlier today so when I say early alpha I mean not even alpha :(

    So far now(throught testing) this is my layout. Its just a plane with some simple UI

    By right clicking you can enter build mode which will allow you to build different types of buildings

    Currently here is the functionality
    Please note that all values are temporary through development

    Cost: 20
    Color: Red
    Description: Each house gives you 10 housing space for your troops(you start the game with 10 housing space)

    Cost: 20
    Color: Brown
    Description: Each mine gives 5 Gold/Money every 3 seconds

    Cost: N/A
    Color: Aqua
    Description: N/A

    I am planing the game to be top down but it is in a 3D space because I am thinking of maybe changing it to a 2.5D like game in the future? Idk Havent put that much thought into that aspect yet

    I know its kinda bare atm but I will keep the post updated as I progress through the development

    Other Information:

    I need people!!!!
    As you can probably tell I am not an artist

    I completely lack artistic ability so I am looking for artist,modelers, and/or programmers

    Please do note that if you decide to hop on board this is not a paid thing this is just a hobby for me I hope you find that you like doing what your good at and are interested enough to hop on our band wagon :)
  2. FlamingGenius


    Dec 30, 2015
    Just finished a draft of the barracks with a video demo :D