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Looking For Contributor LFM Game Dev Club // NEED: Experienced-ish Generalist // HAVE: Hardworking Creative Game Dev

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by pizzadabbin, Dec 22, 2022.

  1. pizzadabbin


    Dec 22, 2022
    ‘a club for people who make games, are going to school to make games, or are interested in and or taking action towards making games’

    i’m making a game, a few weeks in and i have a pretty slick working 2d framework. now i’m adding a few systems to make it into an MVP for a much larger game that’s gonna change the world

    i'm self teaching, unity coursing, youtube video watching, but all alooooone. if i was hanging out with someone with even just a little more exp, i'd be moving on this project literally 20 times faster

    and ideally, the club will be more than just me and one other person, but one other person is all we need to get started

    i'm also very business-literate, fairly and equitably-minded, experienced with making money, creating and leading teams, etc. i say this because eventually this MVP WILL be worth something and i want whoever to know that if they help me bring it to life, they'll get payed generously. and although this is a non-commercial post, i'm even open to compensating an exp generalist per hour to get this thing moving faster =)

    the next few systems i want to add to the 2d mvp are:
    'build your own swords' tool
    market to sell swords on
    gatherable / breakable / craftable materials
    procedurally generated monsters
    procedurally generated environs
    satisfying combat
    rpg style stats & elements

    HMU on disc