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Lenovo Mirrage Solo Sleep Restart

Discussion in 'Daydream' started by RyanRothweiler, May 30, 2019.

  1. RyanRothweiler


    Aug 23, 2012
    I'm experience an intermittent issue when the headset is coming out of sleep. It isn't 100% reproable but it does happen regularly.

    General steps to reproduce.
    - Launch Unity application.
    - Take headset off and let it rest for about 15-30 minutes
    - Put on headset.
    - The screen turns on, but stays black for about 30 seconds.
    - After 30 seconds, the daydream controller recenter dialogue window appears. After recentering, user must relaunch the Unity application again.

    Usually the daydream controller dialogue appears within a second or two of putting the headset on, and the Unity application can be resumed from where it left off.

    I've attached a snippet from the logs. I think that is the important piece.

    04-08 17:08:29.818  1058  1078 W ActivityManager: Timeout executing service: ServiceRecord{5a96e12 u0}
    04-08 17:08:32.227 1058 1078 E ActivityManager: ANR in
    04-08 17:08:32.227 1058 1078 E ActivityManager: PID: 1391
    04-08 17:08:32.227 1058 1078 E ActivityManager: Reason: executing service

    Any ideas on what my app could be doing to cause the ControllerService to crash?

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