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Games Legends and Heros -(working title) Action Adventure

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by petercoleman, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. petercoleman


    Feb 21, 2016
    Hi Eveyone,

    Legends and Heros (working title) Action Adventure Game

    This is the second project I have been working on for some considerable time and was at the stage that I needed to test out publishing following updating Unity to Version 2020 +

    The game currently stands at around 18 levels. I have chosen two of the levels to publish a playable Demo of the game : Level 13 and 14 - Haydins Field and The Great Battle.

    Story : Forced to flee when marauding Vikings attack his normally tranquill homeland a journey across the sea becomes an adventure and a quest to find peace and solace once more during turbulent times.

    Game is largely open world with a wide variety of environments. I attach a few screen shots below which are particularly relevant to the Demo gameplay.

    Legends and Heros 2020-07-28 18-21-33-851.jpg
    Main Menu

    Legends and Heros 2020-07-30 13-07-33-804.jpg
    Haydins Field

    Legends and Heros 2020-07-30 13-22-10-367.jpg
    The Great Battle

    More screenshots of further levels will follow.

    Legends and Heros Demo Download Link

    Warning : Contains violence and blood. You need a decent computer system to run this game. It is not intended to be played on a basic home computer.

    I hope you enjoy the game demo and have some fun. Feedback is most welcome. Thank you.

    Below is a copy of the Game Readme which may be of help to anyone playing the game.

    Game Demo

    Genre : Action Adventure
    Developed with Unity
    PC, Mac and Linux Standalone (Tested only on Windows PC)
    Game File Size : 13gb
    File Download Size : 5.4gb zip file
    Warning : Contains violence and blood.
    Recommended Minimum System Requirements :
    Windows 10
    8gb System Ram
    Video Card with minimum 2gb Video Ram
    Hard Disk Free Space 50gb
    Keyboard, 3 Button Mouse (Left, Right, Scroll Wheel)
    The Demo game is not intended to be run on an average Home, Business or Office computer with specifications lower that those recommended above.
    Download :
    Overview :
    Two Levels in Demo : Haydins Field (Level 13) The Great Battle (Level 14)
    Loading Game time approximately 7 minutes. Please be patient while the game content loads.
    In Game Main Menu, Pause Menu, Checkpoints, Save Load Menu, Help.
    Movement : w,a,s,d or arrow keys
    Pickup : Item/Weapon/Health (press repeatedly for more health) : F key
    Select Weapon : MouseScroll or Down key
    Note : Player is equiped with one weapon at Game start
    Press F1 key in game for help. Tab key for pause. Esc key for Pause/Main Menu. F6 key for Save/Load Menu
    Runs in Native Screen Resolution
    In Game FPS Manager - Auto adjusts Game quality/fps to adjust to best settings to meet with end users system
    Game Play :
    The Game contains many characters in largely open world action packed gameplay.
    Some of the main Game characters help tell the story via voice over audio and provide a guide to best gameplay. To hear a Character message walk up close in proximity to them. Most will have nore than one thing to say.
    You can play the game as you wish though it is best to follow the advice of any game character for best gameplay experience. They have a story to tell and are part it. You may live longer that way too :)
    As it is said "You must be wise and take care".
    Take the time to listen to what a character has to say and decide if you should follow their advice or not :)
    If you are stuck to know what to do next follow the King or other characters advice.
    You can instruct some of the characters to follow you or stay where you want them to and again should use your judgement as to when you need them by your side or not. though its probably a good idea to keep a few friends near during battle. Don't leave the Goblin behind :)
    You do not have to rush into gameplay it will come to you soon enough and your gameplay will last longer.
    Average gameplay time is approximately 50 minutes though it can be much less or greater depending upon your gameplay choices. In essence you could potentially play the game forever unless you wish to get to the end quickly.
    Hopefully you will find the game enjoyable and much fun to play.
    The Demo game levels are subject to being updated and change in any future releases.
    You can follow the Game development further at : where you can also provide feedback or report a problem with the game. Alternatively you can email :
    This Game Demo is distribited free of charge and you download, install and use it at your own risk. The Game Demo has been scanned for viruses though users are advised to scan the game files with their own virus scanner software before use. Windows users may need to run the Demo game as an Administrator depending upon where the game is located on their system and or grant Administrator permission for the game to run. All trademarks and logos are acknowledged copyright to their respective owners.
    A full list of credits is available at the end of the Game. Thanks go to all who have supported the making of this game demo.
    © 2020 Peter Coleman
  2. Mister-D


    Dec 6, 2011
    looks a bit like the first gothic series. really loved those games.
    im curious how your project with my "scfi weapons" pack looks like ;)
    , would like to see a video.
  3. petercoleman


    Feb 21, 2016
    Hi Mister-D,

    I have only yesterday ported my other "Shooter" project using your Sci-Fi weapons pack to Unity 2020 and have started updating it today.....

    Its a big one at aroud half a million objects. I will have some screen shots before I can get a video done as it takes such a long time to get around to completing even one level being very complex too. Start of that game is based in the future and it becomes more Sci-Fi oriented as it progresses. There is already a thread at these forums for it but its way outdated and much has been updated since I originally posted it. I will indeed also try and get a video ouput as soon as possible and will keep you updated.

    Kind regards

  4. petercoleman


    Feb 21, 2016
    Here's a short Video Teaser (You Tube) for the Legends and Heros Demo download :

    Demo Video Link :