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Bug Launch in 1 week got issues from testers - Controllers not being recognized

Discussion in 'VR' started by FilotimoInnovations, Jul 19, 2023.

  1. FilotimoInnovations


    Nov 20, 2020
    Hey All.
    We have been working with the quest 2 this entire time. We just made our first steam build and everything is working on our end, but once we gave out beta keys we are getting multiple reports of controllers are not working but the game is. Reports on people using quest 2 and Rift S and Pico 4

    Our engineer thinks oculus integration is on and our openXR isn't being used.

    When he tried to use the open XR it broke everything the controllers don't function properly where they sit and everything like that.

    Is there a plugin or any resources we can use to fix our issue with OpenXR?
    Screenshots how settings should be ect..

    Also, do you guys make a new project for each platform you're shipping on?

    We're wondering if we do open xr if it's gonna break quest 2.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. VRDave_Unity


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 19, 2021
    Hello @FilotimoInnovations
    Can you take a screenshot or describe a bit more what you mean when you say the controllers don't function properly? Is the position and rotation off? When switching over, you would likely have to rewire things to use the Input System package, depending on how things were setup before with the Oculus package. Our teams fully test our supported platforms when we ship new version of OpenXR, including Quest 2. The only one on your list we do not test against is Pico 4 since they maintain their own XR SDK for Unity.

    In terms of resources/help, I would highly recommend looking at the Sample packages that come with the OpenXR package. You can import them through Package Manager by clicking on the OpenXR package in the list and then finding the Samples area or tab in the area on the right. The most relevant sample is the Controller sample. You can also reference the project configuration documentation.

  3. FilotimoInnovations


    Nov 20, 2020
    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for your reply. Right now basically players are finding their controllers in the game aren't being recognized at all.
    Below are some screenshots of our open XR settings.
    We can't seem to find the exact issue, he's describing as the issue doesn't seem to be with open xr but Oculus, it seems like it's almost hijacking it in a way to make it not use open XR.
    He's uninstalled and reinstalled packages.

    We don't have multiple projects for each platform we were hoping to be able to switch from PC to Android and use the same project.

    Also not sure why our controllers worked on Quest 2 for steam and then the other tester for quest 2 it didn't work.

    Still stumped.

    We got 8 days to fix it though. Any insight from that will be helpful. Thanks again.



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