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Lack of knowledge on CLI builds using LicenseServer

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by arsengharagyozyan, May 26, 2021.

  1. arsengharagyozyan


    Aug 14, 2020
    Hi folks.

    In our company, I'm busy with automation. Recently, we got the Unity licensing server configured, and when checked it through the client, we found it working. The command line we have used for testing was `Unity.Licensing.Client.exe --acquire-floating`.

    Now we try to have Unity build through CLI and fetch the license from the licensing server, but there is a lack of information. Here are my questions
    - Should I specify any username/password
    - Should I manually fetch the license and pass it to the CLI
    - If I need to specify the username/password, what should specify? My personal one?

    I tried to execute without username/password/license but got errors `[Licensing::Module] License is not active (com.unity.editor.ui). HasEntitlements will fail.`