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[KudanAR] Camera Issue After Updating From Unity 2018 to 2019

Discussion in 'AR' started by XLsoft, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. XLsoft


    Jul 11, 2019
    We are currently updating KudanAR SDK to be compatible with Unity version 2019.4.0f. In previous versions of Unity 2018, the camera texture rendered correctly with no issue. Once we upgraded to Unity 2019.4.0f, we experienced an issue that split the camera screen into three distinct sections.

    The following behavior can be reproduced through the following git repo:

    Instructions to reproduce the behavior noted:
    1. Clone the Repo
    2. Run Unity Project on native iOS or Android device on Unity 2019 (We used 2019.4.0f)
    3. If using Xcode, you must set Enable Bitcode to NO, then run on the device
    Was there a change with how Unity uses a camera from Unity 2018 to Unity 2019? Is there any idea on why the camera splits into three distinct sections and what steps we can take to tackle the problem?

    If there is any additional information that could help solve this issue we would love to know.

    Attached Files: