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Question Keeping a haptic device-controlled object from passing through other objects

Discussion in 'VR' started by VCUMCL, Apr 25, 2023.



    Jun 5, 2017
    I currently am designing a VR application where the user will be using a 3D Systems haptics arm to control a virtual pointer, in this case a surgical trocar, to simulate a procedure. In this application, the user is meant to guide the trocar into the pelvis area, moving along the pelvic bone and avoiding contact with the bladder and blood vessels. The haptics are felt at the tip of the trocar. When the user touches the pelvic bone with the tip, they will feel rigidness in the device as they move along it.

    My issue is with collisions throughout the rest of the trocar. While the tip of the trocar collides with the pelvic bone and stops as though it hits a wall, the rest of the trocar passes through it when it collides. I presently have rigidbody components on both the trocar and the pelvic bone. The trocar has a group of colliders on each part of it, while the pelvic bone has one. Is it possible for the trocar to collide with the pelvic bone without passing through it?