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Games Kaidan: Monster Raising Game

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by j_spencer93, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. j_spencer93


    Dec 17, 2015
    So this post is basically an update of the old without the bloat that was there. Our game has progressed significantly, but need input on if the designs are interesting enough and several other things:

    1: Title- right now we are calling the game Kaidan, but are toying around with a different title, maybe one with a sub titled. Academia of Kaidan of Kaidan of Nibiru or something like that. Pitch titles below please.

    2: Creatures- right now we have a basic stat system that hardcore and novice players will both understand with a "Advanced" stat page detailing more detailed information that a min/maxer may enjoy. Is that to much or is the approach at pleasing both a good idea? We are wanting to have competitive online play.

    3: Life Spans: Testing the game, as it is now, creatures tend to grow astronomically thanks to our complex systems (stats raise with levels, training, feeding, traits, etc) but we wanted a life span like the old Monster Rancher games. Would a stat cap be the better solution or if a life span a good way to keep the player abusing this?

    4: Farm mechanic- In the game you gather building from the main world (normally hidden) to build your own demiplane, which grants the creatures on it exp bonuses, stat bonuses, produces food, etc as time passes. We found this to not only be an interesting mini game but a rather nice addition to the normal "level up by exp farming" found in other games. This items are known as Relics, and some have unique and interesting effects.

    5: Acquiring new monsters- This is prob our biggest deviation from the established formula. Each creature species will have its own way of capturing it (not saying they are all unique), some may need beat in battle while others you may have to showcase your magical prowess to. Inputs on this? Is this not as appealing as we assumed?

    6: Players learns from their Familiars- As your familiars level up, those that you have in your active party, will grant "spells" in your encylopedia, unlocking certain ones once they reach a certain level or learn certain techniques themselves. Some spells may only be obtained in the story or found in secret locations.

    7: Traits: Each familiar can have only 10 traits. They start with 2 or less normally, and some traits can level up into stronger forms. Some combinations may even grant passive bonuses.

    8: Alchemy- This is our breeding system. You can combine familiars at the Alchemy station once it is unlocked, creating a new creature or granting you the offspring of one with the traits of both (depending on what you mix). This allows every creature in the game to get any trait with enough Alchemy use, allowing for some rather strange but interesting builds.

    Just wanted to show an incomplete creature and tease a few others. The terrain they are on is not in the game and is used for screen shots only.