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Feedback Jumanji - AR Demo Game created with ARFoundation

Discussion in 'AR' started by RamoramaInteractive, Dec 24, 2020.


Do you think, this Jumanji game app for Android need to be improved?

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  1. RamoramaInteractive


    Aug 22, 2019

    This video shows you a small demo of my developed augmented reality fan-game based on the 1995's movie Jumanji. This augmented reality game has been created with Unity 2019.4 1f1 and the AR Foundation package. I created this AR game for an Android device.

    The game shows similarities with the Jumanji board game from the movie, but has a few changes. Like in the movie, the goal is to reach the crystal ball of the board game.
    Unlike the movie you have to defend your playing figure from any kind of danger.

    I first generated AR planes to place the game board on its surface. You can rotate and moving the board around. After pressing the play button, you can choose between a horse or a lion figure by dragging one of them to the green starting point.

    When it has been done there will appear a dice, a shield and a sword. You can roll the dice either on the game board itself or on the generated AR Planes.

    The shield can be used to protect the playing figure from falling spears. The sword can be dragged to the spawned enemy and by tapping with a second finger the sword will hit and destroy the enemy.

    What do you think of this video and the interactions? Have you any ideas? Are there any alternatives that I can use instead of the ARPlanes?