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Job offer: multiplayer FPS demo game development

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by g_a_p, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. g_a_p


    Mar 16, 2015
    the SmartFoxServer team is looking for a talented Unity developer to port an old multiplayer FPS example to the latest Unity engine with of makeover in the graphics and UI department.

    The example in question can be found in our documentation here:

    It is a first person shooter demo that showcases how to create a real-time game in SmartFoxServer using TCP and UDP, using several server-side tricks to help with latency and packet-loss.
    The inner workings of the server-side code is explained in the accompanying PDF (see linked doc above) and it doesn’t require an update, only the client side does. We’d like to modernize the UI, environment and character models using the latest Unity engine.

    Here is an overview of what is needed:
    • Study and learn how the current example works.
    • Rebuild the Unity client with new UI graphics based on mockups we’ll provide.
    • Recreate the game environment and player characters using assets we’ll provide.
    • Redesign the client code to accomodate the new changes and interface with the server side.
    • Use Unity best practices in building the UI and client code so that other developers can learn these approaches when studying the example.
    • Write a tutorial that describes the main features of the new client. This will replace the one we’re currently providing (you can take a look at the current one to get a sense of what is needed). We’ll take care of adding the description of the server-side parts.
    If you’re interested in the job send us a short resume with examples of your past Unity/multiplayer works. Basic knowledge of SmartFoxServer is highly recommended as it will expedite the creation of the final product.

    If possible also include a rough estimate for the completion of the project. If more details are needed, we’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

    All inquiries can be sent to info [at]

    PS: this job could lead to other opportunities, like the development of other examples, contacts with our customers looking for SmartFoxServer experts, etc.