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Discussion JetBrains launched its in-IDE AI-assistance

Discussion in 'Code Editors & IDEs' started by Lurking-Ninja, Dec 6, 2023.


    Well, in my opinion, it's an uninspired co-pilot clone with no real added value. They did the usual dance, subscription $10 for personal, $20 for organizations, no real talk about security, NDAs, privacy of any kind, except for Enterprise users, who can pay (guessing a large pile of money) for perimeter safety.
    Personal users are forced to share all code and project data with the OpenAI in case using this service. At least it looks like. So nothing new, another LLM-based clone, except it is running inside JetBrains IDEs so now we need to test if IDEs transmit anything without permission...
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  2. Ryiah


    Oct 11, 2012
    FAQ states that they will be training their own models. Until then this is best treated as just a tech demo.
  3. I'm not sure if I do it wrong or what, but when I sign an NDA that I do not share any kind of code with any 3rd-party, that includes JetBrains as well. They are third-party to my client and me. So unless they include the server in the package to install locally, it's a gimmick or a learning tool for absolute beginners who don't handle other people's code, otherwise it's a liability.
    And even if they are learning, they aren't supposed to distribute other people's code a lot of times.

    In theory, you aren't supposed to distribute even the Asset Store assets' code... on paper.
  4. CodeRonnie


    Oct 2, 2015