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Jenkins CLI build tinting my floor?

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by bo3bber, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. bo3bber


    May 27, 2013
    I've setup a Jenkins build server, using 2017.4.26 as our current project tool.

    When I create builds using the CLI there, I wind up with a green tint on my floor texture.

    If I run the Unity editor on the same server manually, and build the same ReleaseBuild.Build target, the floor is correct.

    I'm not using the Unity3D plugin because it does not work anymore. Just using a straight batch command,
    my CLI command for Jenkins is:

    "%UNITY2017%" -quit -batchmode -projectPath "%JENKINS_HOME%\workspace\Katanga\UnityScreenApp" -executeMethod ReleaseBuild.Build -logfile "%WORKSPACE%\UnityBuild.log"

    If I do a second CLI build with a Jenkins job, without wiping the workspace, it's still green floor.
    If I do a manual CLI build on the server using VS 2017 command prompt, it's correct.

    No errors are reported in either log file. No errors are reported in the Unity Editor when run manually.

    Difference in logs is that manual build shows:
    "Rebuilding Library because the asset database could not be found!"

    Which suggests that rebuilding the asset database is part of the problem. Since the entire point of using a Jenkins server is to make pristine builds, forcing a clean assetdatabase would probably be the right call.

    But I can't quite google that up. Suggestions?