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Question I've made an inventory drag and drop screen but when I press play how can I open it and close it

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by preet000, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. preet000


    Nov 28, 2023
    I am completely new to unity and I am struggling! When a character has an inventory, how do I apply it so that as I play the character I can open and close it with a key such as Tab or the letter I?
  2. Kurt-Dekker


    Mar 16, 2013
    By responding to the player input and doing whatever you contemplate being necessary to bring up your inventory.

    This will all be part of any decent UI tutorial. Start there.


    How to report your problem productively in the Unity3D forums:

    This is the bare minimum of information to report:

    - what you want
    - what you tried
    - what you expected to happen
    - what actually happened, log output, variable values, and especially any errors you see
    - links to documentation you used to cross-check your work (CRITICAL!!!)

    The purpose of YOU providing links is to make our job easier, while simultaneously showing us that you actually put effort into the process. If you haven't put effort into finding the documentation, why should we bother putting effort into replying?

    If you post a code snippet, ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS:

    How to use code tags:

    - Do not TALK about code without posting it.
    - Do NOT post unformatted code.
    - Do NOT retype code. Use copy/paste properly using code tags.
    - Do NOT post screenshots of code.
    - Do NOT post photographs of code.
    - Do NOT attach entire scripts to your post.
    - ONLY post the relevant code, and then refer to it in your discussion.

    Also, just FYI:

    These things (inventory, shop systems, character customization, dialog tree systems, crafting, ability unlock systems, tech trees, etc) are fairly tricky hairy beasts, definitely deep in advanced coding territory.

    The following applies to ALL types of code listed above, but for simplicity I will call it "inventory."

    Inventory code never lives "all by itself." All inventory code is EXTREMELY tightly bound to prefabs and/or assets used to display and present and control the inventory. Problems and solutions must consider both code and assets as well as scene / prefab setup and connectivity.

    Inventories / shop systems / character selectors all contain elements of:

    - a database of items that you may possibly possess / equip
    - a database of the items that you actually possess / equip currently
    - perhaps another database of your "storage" area at home base?
    - persistence of this information to storage between game runs
    - presentation of the inventory to the user (may have to scale and grow, overlay parts, clothing, etc)
    - interaction with items in the inventory or on the character or in the home base storage area
    - interaction with the world to get items in and out
    - dependence on asset definition (images, etc.) for presentation

    Just the design choices of such a system can have a lot of complicating confounding issues, such as:

    - can you have multiple items? Is there a limit?
    - if there is an item limit, what is it? Total count? Weight? Size? Something else?
    - are those items shown individually or do they stack?
    - are coins / gems stacked but other stuff isn't stacked?
    - do items have detailed data shown (durability, rarity, damage, etc.)?
    - can users combine items to make new items? How? Limits? Results? Messages of success/failure?
    - can users substantially modify items with other things like spells, gems, sockets, etc.?
    - does a worn-out item (shovel) become something else (like a stick) when the item wears out fully?
    - etc.

    Your best bet is probably to write down exactly what you want feature-wise. It may be useful to get very familiar with an existing game so you have an actual example of each feature in action.

    Once you have decided a baseline design, fully work through two or three different inventory tutorials on Youtube, perhaps even for the game example you have chosen above.

    Breaking down a large problem such as inventory:

    If you want to see most of the steps involved, make a "micro inventory" in your game, something whereby the player can have (or not have) a single item, and display that item in the UI, and let the user select that item and do things with it (take, drop, use, wear, eat, sell, buy, etc.).

    Everything you learn doing that "micro inventory" of one item will apply when you have any larger more complex inventory, and it will give you a feel for what you are dealing with.

    Breaking down large problems in general:

    The moment you put an inventory system into place is also a fantastic time to consider your data lifetime and persistence. Create a load/save game and put the inventory data store into that load/save data area and begin loading/saving the game state every time you run / stop the game. Doing this early in the development cycle will make things much easier later on.
  3. sildeflask


    Aug 16, 2023
    use setactive(false)
  4. MelvMay


    Unity Technologies

    May 24, 2013
    Pleaser only use the 2D forum for questions about 2D. An inventory system isn't a 2D question even if used in a 2D project.

    I'll move your thread to the Scripting forum.