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Issues using augment image exemple with an android emulator virtual scene

Discussion in 'ARCore' started by lousticos, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. lousticos


    Jun 4, 2019
    I'm experimenting ARCore, and because i don't have a compatible phone for the moment, i'm forced to use an android emulator.
    The HelloAR example works fine, but when it come to the augment images example, i am unable to detect the images that are on the scene.

    I directly imported the images from the ARCore Unity package examples in my emulator like that :
    android_emu import.png

    and here is what i get while in the app :
    android_emu app.png

    when i display m_TempAugmentedImages.Count
    where m_TempAugmentedImages is filled by
    Session.GetTrackables<AugmentedImage>(m_TempAugmentedImages, TrackableQueryFilter.Updated);
    i get 0.

    Is it because Augment Images is'nt compatible with an android emulator, or does the problem come from something else ?

    I hope someone will be able to help me !