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Issue with .NET scripting in Unity 2018.3.14 for Hololens

Discussion in 'AR' started by yaelush1292, May 25, 2019.

  1. yaelush1292


    May 25, 2019

    We are developing a Unity program for Hololens and experiencing issues from the beginning - just setting up a simple program to work.
    We are using the Vuforia engine as well, and we found out we cannot deploy the Unity program with Vuforia enabled to the Hololens when using the IL2CPP backend scripting because it the program crashes at the very beginning.
    So we have to use the .NET backend scripting. But then when we try to create a simple program (just show a cube in the view) with .NET and deploy we see the cube but we also see an error message in the hololens view:
    Unable to find method Internal_ScriptableRuntimeReflectionSystemWrapper_TickRealtimeProbs in [UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll] UnityEngine.Experimental.Rendering.ScriptableRuntimeReflectionSystemWrapper

    This happens on the Unity 2018.3.14 version.
    However it does not happen on the 2018.3.5 Unity version, but as we understood this version is not considered stable and we prefer to work with a stable version.
    Also we need the 2018.3.x version to work with the MRTK as well, otherwise we would have just worked with some 2017.2.x Unity version.

    Any solutions or suggestions will be welcomed.