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Issue with keystore file (tampered?)

Discussion in 'Android' started by SplashFoxGames, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. SplashFoxGames


    Oct 10, 2012
    good day, dear developers!
    so I got in little troubles : ) I created a keystore file (probably in Unity 5.6.3) and used it for last 6 months or so. I successfully created game on Google developer console, added in-app purchases and all things. In Unity 2019.2.a14 everything working as well, but started from some beta version, and now in 2019.2 release versions I see weird things:
    - when I enter password for keystore file it says "tampered or incorrect password"
    - if I change "default path to keystore" in Editor settings to where the keystore file is - then I open Android->Player Settings and see all is good - everything is filled and alias with password is there, but when I start touch it - its becoming disabled etc.
    I'd think its about an issue in Unity, but I can't open my keystore even in some outside app like KeyStore Explorer, but still I can upload builds to Google Play Developer Console without issues using 2019.2.a14.

    Edit: if APK files are in closed beta section - is there any chance to upload another APK with same bundle but signed with different keystore file? (Google Play Developer Console)

    Edit2: fixed the issue by adding 's signs to the password, so:
    fixed my "wrong password" issue
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019