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Question Issue from Blender to Unity

Discussion in 'Animation' started by AndPetrucci, May 10, 2022.

  1. AndPetrucci


    Apr 1, 2022
    Good morning everyone,
    I have this small issue with an animation I've been working on during my free time.
    I'm trying to export this small animation from Blender (where it works fine): (video of the animation in Blender)

    When I import it in Unity it just goes bananas, the shape keys aren't working, the rotation location and scale of the bones are messed up and I've been working for hours on it and I was not being able to solve it just by looking through the Internet and Blender settings.

    A couple of things about the project (since Im no animator):
    _I scaled some bones from [1-1-1] to [0-0-0] and I'm not sure it's allowed to do so
    _The actions are automatically generated by Blender
    _I'm not sure how to "bake" shape keys animation to bones (not even sure this is possible)
    _Literally my pipeline has been "create bone - parent object to the bone - keyframe the bone / shapekey the object

    If anyone could help me solve this issue, point out what I'm doing wrong, it'd be great!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. beersprotest


    Jun 2, 2022
    When I import it into Unity, everything just goes crazy; the form keys don't function, the rotation location and size of the bones are all screwed up, and I've been working on it for hours and haven't been able to figure out how to fix it simply by browsing around the Internet and Blender settings.

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