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Is websocket server ready to use?

Discussion in 'Unity Transport' started by rtytewfdfgfhfgkuio, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. rtytewfdfgfhfgkuio


    Mar 3, 2022
    I found WebsocketLayer in the package,but I don't kown how to use it to build websocket server,any sample code available to see?
  2. simon-lemay-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 19, 2021
    We don't have any sample code for WebSocket support yet (documentation for the 2.0 release of the package is still being worked on). But the process to start a server is the same as for UDP-based connections, with the only difference that the network driver must be created with a WebSocket interface:
    Code (CSharp):
    1. var driver = NetworkDriver.Create(new WebSocketNetworkInterface());
    2. driver.Bind(NetworkEndpoint.AnyIpv4.WithPort(7777));
    3. driver.Listen();
    If you are using Netcode for GameObjects, you can also try out the development branch, which contains basic WebSocket support if version 2.0 of the transport package is installed (you'll need to force the update since by default the package will install 1.X).

    Note however that WebSocket support in the Unity Transport package is only meant to be used for communications between peers using the package. It is not a general-purpose WebSocket library. That is, if you create a WebSocket server using Unity Transport, only clients that are also using Unity Transport will be able to communicate with it.