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Question Is there any way to set up Playable Ad right in the Project Tiny?

Discussion in 'Project Tiny' started by Vidosen, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Vidosen


    Apr 16, 2018
    Hi, if I get you right, one of the Project Tiny application areas is creating Playable Ads relatively fast and easy, but yet I didn't find info about how or where I can set up the store URLs and link them to open() function?
    I would really appreciate your help.

    I'm using Tiny Project 0.29 preview at this moment.

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    Last edited: Oct 28, 2020
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  2. AbdulAlgharbi


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 27, 2018
    No there is no out of the box setup
    you have to implement the integration yourself
    we do support loading libs so you can use to add open() function to your project