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Is there a Vuforia alternative that actually works on the Hololens

Discussion in 'AR/VR (XR) Discussion' started by Roest_, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Roest_


    Nov 3, 2014
    I have a working app that uses Vuforia markers to precisely define a coordinate system in the app. That works really well. Now we asked Vuforia what the license fee would be to use this in production and the answer was ... lets say outrageous. So I'm tasked with replacing Vuforia but should use the existing markers if possible.

    I've looked at some different solutions like

    and some others. But the results so far are pretty underwhelming. Mostly it's low level interfaces,
    unstable tracking and low precision. The best result so far was that HoloLensARToolKit thing but that has
    location issues I can't seem to fix in short time.

    So has anyone used something other than Vuforia for marker recognition that works with acceptable
    precision and can point me in the right direction?
  2. vncntt


    Nov 27, 2015
    Can you share anything about the pricing? We are in a similar situation, except the people we've been dealing with have been very clueless when it comes to recommending us options that work for us. I'm curious if the information you received is similar to ours.

    We have tried the same alternatives and also experienced similarly lackluster results. When speaking to other AR companies, the general consensus is that Vuforia is the best option for them for Hololens, for the time being.
  3. GameDevCouple_I


    Oct 5, 2013
    Vuforia costs far more than it should, better writing your own using openCV.