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Question Is it worth do it or not (conceptual question)

Discussion in 'Animation' started by DSivtsov, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. DSivtsov


    Feb 20, 2019
    I decided to make a somebody Animator controller for 3D (use the Humanoid animation).
    Very quickly was made the standard locomotion based on Blend Tree 2D Freedom Direction with Player Controller Script for controlling the values Animation parameters and switching between states of Animation.
    After that added the "jumping from Idle, from Walk and Run states"
    After that I added the "jumping from Idle, from Walk and Run states". And that it was looked not awful, I additional added the Animation Events to the clips that are given to Character possibility to use the legs from the correct side when it begin & finish jump at movement. (the controller in summary became more then 600 rows of code)
    At finish I decided make the nice fallings from different heights.
    By example, the long falling are contained the 3 animation clips - "free falling", "preparing to landing" (it will started before 2m before touch the Ground) and "landing" (started at touch).
    The last solution is demanding to make the precalculation to select the right type of falling and the places to start the different part of the animation clips, because the right falling is ballistic, surface isn't a plane and character must lands on the bottom of foot. (the controller in summary became near 900 rows of code)
    QUESTION "Is it worth do it or not"?
    Or in most games are used the constant Vertical speed, and it is enough to make two falling animation - character died or not, and simply check the final speed at ground touch and select the correlated animation at touch time?