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Question Is Cloud Save meant to only store client authoritative data? Is there a Database solution in UGS?

Discussion in 'Cloud Save' started by neoangelique, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. neoangelique


    Nov 19, 2014
    Just wish to understand better, it seems from my understanding that Cloud Save is meant for use as a Client Authoritative data storage, sort of like playerprefs but the cloud version of that.

    Am I right to say that we are still expected to have our own Database solution somewhere to store Server Authoritative data like player items, weapons, stats etc? Does that also mean that there is also no ability to do server side logic in UGS?

    I've seen the Economy feature, but that seems to be only supporting the microtransaction aspect of storage, e.g receipts and stuff.

    Lastly, are there any plans to offer a Database system? I'm not too familiar with Databases, I've tried PlayFab, but found that their Javascript CloudScript has been deprecated, and there is also very little support for that. If there are any database and backend server side logic services which supports both PC and Android please do share.
  2. Unity_AndyP


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 23, 2021
    You are correct, Cloud Save will allow you to store to save persistent player data (such as game progress). You can use the economy service to store data from a player's inventory such as items/ weapons as well as custom data like stats for those items. You can find more information on how to do this from here.

    Our Cloud Code service may be of use here as it will allow you to do server-side logic as well as having the functionality for reaching our to other UGS services such as cloud save, economy, Remote config and the multiplayer services, Vivox and lobby. You can find more information on how to connect to other services here. Cloud code will work for PC android and IOS if you require it and will also be available not only in Javascript (already available) but also in C# in the near future