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Question ios reject again UnityAds SDK reference ASIdentifierManager

Discussion in 'Unity Ads & User Acquisition' started by Rafaat_Ashour, Feb 23, 2022.

  1. Rafaat_Ashour


    Sep 25, 2020
    hello all,

    my game get reject again from apple as they said this:
    i'm using only untiy Ads SDK and using unity editor 2020.3.28 version and my game made for kids 9-11
    We noticed that your Kids Category app includes analytics, advertising and collects, transmits, or has the ability to share personal information or device information with third parties. Specifically:

    - Your app includes third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, IDFA. We found that your app references the ASIdentifierManager API, which provides access to a user's IDFA, in the following location(s) in your binary:

    • Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework/UnityFramework

    It would be appropriate to remove all instances of “ASIdentifierManager” from your app, even if they are not utilized in your app's functionality.

    - The app privacy information you provided in App Store Connect indicates you collect data in order to track the user, including Other Data Types, Other Usage Data, Purchase History, Device ID, and Advertising Data."

    i submit ticket on unity support for the Ads team and they reply to me this :

    Sorry to hear about the rejection.

    Kindly notice, currently UnityAds SDK does reference the ASIdentifierManager API for serving ads.

    If Apple continues rejecting the game dispite you answered the appeal questions as suggested, I'm afraid Apple has made the Kids game regulations stricter.
    If the game is not made specially for kids, please consider re-submit it as not "Made for Kids" to continue use UnityAds; otherwise I'm afraid you will have to remove UnityAds SDK for now to pass the Apple moderation until we have a ASIdentifierManager free solution in the future.

    does anyone face this issue or know work around to fix it???
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2022