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[iOS] Hole In The Wall on mobile

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by Louis1990, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Louis1990


    Oct 29, 2018
    Hole Runners is an endless runner game requires skills of quick hands and quick eyes to catch the right moments. It is inspired by the TV show Hole In The Wall.

    Why is it Hole Runner but not others?
    • Hole Runner is free to play. People can play anywhere, anytime.
      Hole Runner has a smooth animation with amazing 3D characters who could surprise you with their appearance by funny face expression and fantastic poses.
    • The game will bring to players hilarious moments, it is helpful for instant stress relief.
    • There is a multiplayer mode that people can connect via internet and have a race.
    • Hole Runner is suitable for all ages, therefore players can have great time with friends and family.
    How to play?
    • To complete a mission in game, players must tweak the character’s poses so that it fits in the given one.
    • Game control:
    - Swipe left or right to move character

    - Tap on the same side of character’s position to change character’s poses.
    • There is multiplayer mode in Hole Runner so that player can challenge with others.
    Download here:

    Hole Runner has two characters at the first version. We are developing more funny characters in the next phase.
    • The basic character when players enter into the game for the first time will be Mr. Jump. By the multiform of face expressions, this character would bring players joyful moments and lot of challenge for choosing right poses.
    • To play under Dr. Kim, players must unlock it first. With hilarious poses, this character will give more entertained moments for Hole Runner’s players.
    Beside, Hole Runner has many options for players in choosing characters by their costumes so that the game will not be bore by time. Players can get more costumes by changing coins in the store or using credit card to buy.

    Playing mode
    • Multiplayer mode is a race between people who is picked up random by system. As long as player is online, they can have a race with others.
    • Completing missions in the Challenges mode to earn more coins.

    Hole Runner now is available in the US and New Zealand for iOS only. Global version for Anroid will be published soon.