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[iOS/Android] Shiba's Adventure - A roguelike rpg featuring cube-shaped doggies

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by ewetekmin, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. ewetekmin


    Dec 22, 2012

    If you are a dog lovers, you must not miss this epic RPG roguelike game that you've never seen. In this turn-based roguelike RPG game, you have to pick your cute favorite dog and dive into the perilous dungeons. Simply move by swiping on your screen when you are exploring the dungeon.

    • You have to avoid all the bad people whom trying to catch you to be their pet because of your cuteness! When you go into deeper dungeon, more bad people will try to catch you, just stay away from them!

    • Besides avoiding those bad people, you also need to keep your stomach full in order to survive through the deep dungeon. Don't forget to ingest some foods while you are crawling the dungeon, otherwise you will be starved to death.

    • Plan your move carefully as every move will cause you energy and you will be perish once your run out your energy.

    • More than 15 kind of adorable and cute dogs to unlock and play! Many more are coming soon!
    • Turn-based gameplay
    • Simply swipe to move your dog
    • Randomly generated levels provide a different game experience every time!
    • Compete with your friends and see who can survive the dungeon longest!

    Leave your review or feedback to us if you can't find your favorite dogs in the game and we will create for you!

    Download from App Store:
    Download from Play Store:

    If you would like to know more, please feel free to reach out us from any channel below :)

    Official site:
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  2. GarBenjamin


    Dec 26, 2013
    Just tried it on Android. I like the game concept. It's unique. Visually it looks good. Very simplistic and clean. I didn't care for the swipe to move. This control method didn't seem to fit the game and I would prefer simple arrow controls. Maybe up and down arrows on the left side & left and right arrows on the right side.

    It's interesting & I think you could expand on the gameplay just a bit to make it more so. Maybe occasionally a power up appears that freezes the humans for a few seconds. Or maybe if the dog finds a bone you can dig a hole and if human steps in hole they trip & fall over and takes a couple of seconds for them to stand back up.

    Overall it seems like a very solid base and adding one or two more things I think could put it over the line to be much more interesting. Nice work! :)
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  3. ewetekmin


    Dec 22, 2012
    Hi GarBenjamin, thank you trying our games and your valuable feedback.

    Initially we thought that using swipe so that it can be saving space in the screen, but after we tried out, it's does seems like it is less friendly to use swipe. We are thinking to add 2 types of control to let user to choose their preference way of playing the game.

    It's a interesting idea you have there and we will consider those ideas in our future updates too :)

    Once again, thank you for playing our game!