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Question iOS 14+ ATT prompt not showing (Testing on M1 Macbook "Designed for iPad")

Discussion in 'iOS and tvOS' started by wh_dev, Jul 8, 2023.

  1. wh_dev


    Oct 16, 2022
    EDIT: After building for simulator, the prompt is shown in the simulator (app dies a few seconds after though). The questions remains if M1 silicon devices work with the ATT prompt same as iPhones/iPads.

    I'm currently preparing an already released Android project for iOS.

    External SDKs in use are Firebase Analytics and IronSource/Unity Levelplay.

    I installed the Unity iOS 14 Support Package (first 1.0, then 1.2) to display the ATT prompt in the very first scene of the project before the SDKs are loaded later.

    What happens is the warmup-Screen is shown, however when tapping Next to display the prompt nothing appears and the app keeps on waiting. I am currently testing on a M1 MacBook Pro (> Xcode Run Destination: "My Mac (Designed for iPad).

    The info.plist does contain a valid NSUserTrackingUsageDescription entry.

    I wonder whether there is an issue using my Macbook for testing? Are there privacy settings to be made which then enable showing the prompt? An actual iPhone or iPad is not available for testing. Another possible issue is the console logging "Unavailable product" for both IAP-Products used, however this appears to be unrelated to this main issue.

    Any help or sharing your experience with ATT is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2023
  2. RedBjorny


    Nov 29, 2016
    Did you solve this issue?