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Official Introducing Autodesk Shotgun for Unity Editor

Discussion in 'Virtual Production Previews' started by Matjio, Jan 24, 2020.

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  1. Matjio


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 1, 2014
    Shotgun For Unity Editor now available as a preview package!


    Shotgun is a set of project management and pipeline tools that help creative studios track, schedule, review, collaborate, and manage content and assets production.

    After working closely with different studios (animated films, games, automotive, theme park ride,...) we are releasing a Preview package of a sample integration of Shotgun for Unity.

    • Launch Unity from Shotgun Desktop.
    • Load assets into Unity from Shotgun Loader within Unity.
    • Launch the right Unity editor, in the right project and scene, on the right frame to speed up review cycles.
    • Artists can access their Shotgun tasks from within Unity.
    • Find modified assets and load the new version using Shotgun Breakdown within Unity
    • Publish videos with Unity Recorder directly to Shotgun.
    • Inspect the current Shotgun context and the toolkit environment from Unity, using the tk-multi-about application (Current Work Area) .
    • Rapid prototyping with the Shotgun Python console from within Unity.
    Extensibility: Based on Python scripts (using the official Python For Unity package), one can customize the Shotgun integration for specific production needs.

    Because this package requires preliminary software installation and configuration, we have decided to not expose the package in the Unity Package Manager window for the moment.
    1. First follow the instructions in the Setup sections of the Shotgun for Unity documentation (you can also refer to this forum thread for Python for Unity installation and refer to this sub-forum for any issue)
    2. Next install the Shotgun for Unity package in your Unity project: Edit your Unity manifest.json file (in the Packages folder of your project) so that it starts with
    Code (CSharp):
    1. {
    2.   "dependencies": {
    3.     "com.unity.integrations.shotgun": "0.9.0-preview.4",
    • It is not possible to change the Shotgun context in a session of Unity. To change the Shotgun context, quit Unity and launch it from the right Shotgun context.
    • The loader app is limited to importing .fbx files.
    • Publishing is limited to Version entities, and to the .mp4 format.
    • You need to quit the Unity Hub before launching Unity from Shotgun Desktop. Otherwise the Shotgun session might not be set to the right Shotgun context. Shotgun might also not initialize at all if the Hub is not closed between launches.
    In the meantime, the source code of Shotgun for Unity is available for customization.


    Python for Unity is Unity Editor only, and so is the Shotgun integration.
    Our integration only supports Windows Unity Editor and 2019.3+. Support for Mac and Linux is coming.
    At the moment, only Python 2.7 is supported as many studios have not ported all their tools to more recent libraries. We're working on Python 3 integration.


    We expect to release some smaller changes based on your feedback here in the coming months before moving to Python 3. The longer term is not yet determined.
    Please send us feedback in this forum or what you’d like to see in the package.

    To report bugs, use the bug reporter in the Editor with a stripped down version of the project in order for our development team to reproduce the issue.
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Thread Status:
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