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Bug Internal build system error. Backend exited with code 2.

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by jasinbahr696, Oct 5, 2023.

  1. jasinbahr696


    Apr 11, 2022
    Hello around 4-5 days ago i was working on my game as usual then i Decided to build my game got ALOT of bee errors so i decided to restart unity after that i started getting this error
    Internal build system error. Backend exited with code 2.
    [ 1/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEngine.TestRunner.rsp
    [ 2/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEngine.TestRunner.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 3/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEngine.UI.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 4/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEngine.UI.rsp
    [ 5/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEditor.TestRunner.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 6/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEditor.UI.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 7/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEditor.TestRunner.rsp
    [ 8/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/UnityEditor.UI.rsp
    [ 9/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Burst.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 10/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Core.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 11/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Runtime.rsp
    [ 12/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Core.rsp
    [ 13/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Flow.rsp
    [ 14/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Flow.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 15/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Runtime.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 16/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Burst.rsp
    [ 17/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Core.Editor.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 18/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Mathematics.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 19/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Mathematics.rsp
    [ 20/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipeline.Universal.ShaderLibrary.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 21/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Editor.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 22/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Searcher.Editor.rsp
    [ 23/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.ShaderGraph.Utilities.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 24/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.ShaderGraph.Utilities.rsp
    [ 25/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.VisualScripting.Core.Editor.rsp
    [ 26/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Editor.rsp
    [ 27/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.Searcher.Editor.AdditionalFile.txt
    [ 28/484 0s] WriteText Library/Bee/artifacts/1900b0aE.dag/Unity.RenderPipeline.Universal.ShaderLibrary.rsp
    tundra: error: Couldn't launch process with command line:
    cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2021.3.22f1\Editor\Data\Tools\netcorerun\netcorerun.exe" "C:/Program Files/Unity/Hub/Editor/2021.3.22f1/Editor/Data/Tools/ScriptUpdater/ApiUpdater.MovedFromExtractor.exe" "Library\Bee\artifacts\mvdfrm\UnityEditor.GraphViewModule.dll_73F5E43358A06B24.mvfrm" "C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2021.3.22f1\Editor\Data\Managed\UnityEngine\UnityEditor.GraphViewModule.dll""
    errno: 0 (No error) GetLastError: 5 (0x00000005):Access Is Denied[/code] and most of the times when i try and fix it while in editor i get blank errors too and access is denied errors Aswell ive tried the following "Delete Library/Bee didn't work use another unity version didnt work reinstall unity editor and unity hub aswell in appdata Didnt work either and i get these errors on every project i make"
  2. CodeSmile


    Apr 10, 2014
    Try making a new project and place it under the user's Documents (!) folder and try to build that. If this works, it's likely an issue with the project location due to incorrect permissions or owner. If it fails, it's likely an issue with executables getting blocked.

    Antivirus? Disable!
    Check Settings => Ransomware protection "history" for any blocked apps belonging to Unity. Unblock if there are any.

    Check the permissions of the unity project folder and descendants. Current user account needs to have full permission (read, write, execute) and the owner should not be system or admin.
  3. jasinbahr696


    Apr 11, 2022
    When I attempt to locate the new project in the documents folder, I receive a prompt instructing me to place my project in a writable and readable directory. EDIT: After I clicked 'OK,' the project continued, but I encountered five 'Access is denied' errors. It's likely that these errors will be resolved when I restart the project. I also encountered the same 'Internal build system error 2.' EDIT 2: I am currently granting Unity Editor 2021, which is my version, full permissions, including full access. Afterward, I will attempt the process again.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2023