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Interactive Timeline Control (Attack Combos / Quicktime Events)

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by Spy-Shifty, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Spy-Shifty


    May 5, 2011
    I want to use Timeline to compose attacks and combos for an Beat em Up game.

    I want to use Timeline because of its power. To setup camera positions, slowmotion, particle effects, hurtbox activations and custom tracks, ...

    My overall approach is:
    • Use a Timeline Asset ("AttackAsset") for each attack animation to define which and when an hurtbox apears, how strong the damage of the attack is and so on...
    • Now build combos by using each "AttackAsset" in a ComboAsset (again a Timeline Asset) or other ComboAssets

    The big question is.... How to control these AttackAssets in the ComboAsset Timeline
    • I imagine to mute single clips or hole tracks
    • Is it possible to add Timelineassets through a custom playable to a Timelineasset (I imagine it should be, because it is a playable)?
    • Or sould I use ControlPlayableAssets and multiple PlayableDirector on my character (is it then possible to blend between animations?
    My solution could be:
    • create a custom track to control activations and other playableassets
    • create a ActivationBehaviour and a TimelineAssetBehavour for that custom track
    • ActivationBehaviour controls whether the following elements in the track should be played or not
    • TimelineAssetBehavour plays a timeline asset
    Is this possible or do I run into a dead end?
    A similar approach could be used for quick time events...



    Kind regards,