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Integration Unity as a library in native Android app Version 2

Discussion in '2019.3 Beta' started by PavelLU, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Sashimiii


    Sep 26, 2017
    Hi, I've ran into the same problem. I'd like to refer to this link:

    Basically you remove the <intent-filters> block from the AndroidManifest.xml (in the exported unityLibrary folder). For me this was located in unityLibrary/src.

    Hope it helps.
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  2. gilbertog_


    Jul 25, 2022
    A few days ago I have been having the problem that if I export the Unity project for android, despite the fact that it uses the Keyless method when I add it to my native android project, it generates the following error:

    E/ARCore-AnchorServiceClient: Error calling CreateAnchor RPC:
    fwu: INVALID_ARGUMENT: Application credential header not valid. Please fix the client to pass a valid application credential header.

    Doing a little more research, I realized that it changes to `API KEY` when compiling the entire project, which I don't understand why it does so.
    Does anyone have an idea what could be happening?