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Instructor needed for 1 on 1 sessions to teach me how to create my card game in Unity

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by MistaWicket, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. MistaWicket


    Nov 20, 2013
    Hi all! My name is Warren although most people call me Wicket from my time as a content creator. I am looking for assistance creating and building a collectible card / fighting game.

    I am new to Unity, and would like to work with a collaborative team or any user(s) willing to mentor and teach best practices. For me - a jack of all trades with knowledge and skill in 3d modeling, animation, programming, and UI design would be great; however I am not opposed if more people are interested and want to participate in bringing a long time idea of mine to life.

    Personally my scripting skills are not strong enough to make the card and deck manager efficiently, let alone prefabs, characters or animations. I am a horribly laughable artist when it comes to drawing, and my only animation experience comes in the form of an old Play station 1 game called Fighter Maker.

    The features I want for this game:

    Story mode: Campaign (With branching story lines)

    Custom Character Appearance

    Custom Character Attributes and Stats

    Deck Editor / Manager

    Animating characters and cards on screen as cards are player

    Card Collation Manager

    Script/Program effects that work as cards are played (visual effects and variables that affect stats)

    Combat / Game State system for game flow

    Online mode: Player vs. player | Tournament PvP

    Social features (Clans/Dojo) Fans (Spectator mode)

    Leader Boards: Regional / National / Global

    I also need a way to save & load player progress of the story, deck, card collections, stats, and attributes for up to five characters.

    Once the structure and foundation of the items above are set up, I can fill in and complete everything else from story and scene progression, to cards and testing.

    My areas of expertise, skills, past experiences

    My area of expertise is music. As an independent recording artist I can cover everything from original music compositions, voice over’s, and sound effects for the project. In return, I'm more than happy to build and create original music content for your projects and assist where I am able to. My catalogue of music can be accessed at

    My Experience and Accolades:

    Project Dust (2015) | Made in Project Spark (Xbox One) | Trailer:
    . We placed in the Top 10 of the final Project Spark Developer Game Jam for their 'Epic Game' Category on this game

    Rampage!!! (2015) | Made in Project Spark (Xbox One) |

    The Sen Saga: Shadow of The Sen (2002) | Made in RPG Maker (PS1) |


    Feel free to reach out if you are interested in working together. I'm happy to answer any questions and willing to see how I may be of assistance for your projects in return. The best way to reach me is via Discord as I am not on the forums very often; but I will do my best to respond here as well. My Discord handle/tag is: Mista Wicket#9312

    Interested parties, please include rate and availability for sessions. Thank you

    (I missed a digit on my Discord #. Fixed! Thnx @Levon Ravel!)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2021
  2. MistaWicket


    Nov 20, 2013
    This role has been filled as of 7/16/2021. Thanks!