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Question Instantiate random object using VS

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SacramentoCA, Apr 28, 2023.

  1. SacramentoCA


    Apr 6, 2023
    Hello, Everyone!

    Imagine a game like Tetris. Different figures drop from the top of the screen. Now I have only 2 types of figures. I use Visual Scripting for the whole game. I want it to spawn randomly with certain chances, and for these 2 figures I use a plain Random node (screen). But with adding any other figures, I wonder how I could make it simplier.

    I saw some pretty simple C# scripts when every time it spawns an object it takes a random object in fact (with equal chances), without picking a number. But I'm not sure if I could easily regulate the chances of every object that easily. I have some ideas how to regulate the chances with this Random node and set of "if" conditions, but it will become a little massive.

    Just started to learn unity recently. Appreciate any kind of help and any advices are welcome!

    Thanks for reading!

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