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Feedback Install missing unity version from existing on-disk project

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by HypRedHatJef, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. HypRedHatJef


    Jan 20, 2022
    It seems crazy to me that the unity hub can successfully detect what unity version a project is using, but there's no button to auto-install that version if it is missing.

    Here's the scenario.
    1. Pull game from repository.
    2. In Unity Hub, "open" and "add project from disk" (which should really be "add EXISTING project from disk" because I'm actually not ADDING a project I'm connecting the hub to a folder that's already there)
    3. Note the warning symbol saying you don't have a version of unity installed. Take note of the version you're missing.
    4. Load up the unity website, log in, navigate painfully to the LTS pages, then scroll around and click until you find the version that's missing.
    5. "Install through hub"
    6. Select options to install and let it run for 20+ minutes.

    This whole process is very frustrating and time consuming.

    If any of the following were changed, it would make the whole experience less frustrating.
    • The unity hub gives me a button to say "install this version" that skips right to the "select the installation options" and lets me install the version I need - basically do steps 3-5 automatically.
    • The unity hub gives me a button to open default browswer directly to the LTS page so I can find the version I want, basically skipping steps 3-4.
    • Make navigation from the main unity landing page to the "download a particular version" page more straightforward. (example: autozone, selecting your car to filter car parts. Select year, select version, select subversion, and this search is something I can find from the main unity web page)
    I will say that I am pretty sure that I've tried putting "download 2021.x.x" in the search bar on the main page in the past, and it hasn't worked. Now, it's just tricky. The search results say "unity xxxx version download and release notes" and then there's a link to the release notes. Clicking on that item (which is grey and it's not obvious that it's clickable) will take you directly to a page you can download the version with, which is great. However, the first time I tried this today I saw "release notes" and it didn't look clickable and I stopped looking. My bad, but I do wonder how many other folks do the same.
  2. Spy-Master


    Aug 4, 2022
    Unity Hub 3.4 gives the option to install.